The Hunger Games film came out tonight and guess who went to see it?  Me!  It's nice to be excited about a new series again now that Harry Potter is over and I never really got into the whole Twilight phenomenon.  Sorry, angsty vampires are not my thing.  The movie followed the book pretty well except for a few, minor squabbles.  I was really impressed with Jennifer Lawrence who plays Katniss.  She captured the role perfectly with very few words and mostly body language and expressions.  GIRL CAN ACT.  I actually like her character more in the movie, because I didn't have to read her constant, annoying thoughts like in the book.  I thought the cinematography was amazing and the costumes too, especially the Capitol outfits which made me squeal in delight.  Although the only let down was the flame dress, which wasn't as impressive as I had hope.  I can look past that though, because the rest of the movie was great.  It was fun sitting next to my friend who hadn't read the book get really excited during parts of the movie.  Ahh I can't wait until Catching Fire comes out!