The month of April marks the start of the Ching Ming Festival, a Chinese tradition in which the living pay tribute to their ancestors by visiting their grave sites. Since I could remember, my Popo has always been adamant about paying respect to those before us because she believes our ancestors are the ones watching over us and keeping us safe.  Ever since my Gungung died over ten years ago my Popo insists that she has never gotten sick once.  "He's looking after me," she says and at 88 years old she is still holding up as healthy as ever.  So every April she honors her husband and provides him with offerings to help him in the after world.  This past weekend was my first time participating in the ceremony, also known as Bai San, in over four years.  It was nice to see my entire extensive family come together (which doesn't happen often) to celebrate the life of my Gunggung.  One custom of Bai San is setting a table of my Gunggung's favorite food dishes such as shrimp, noodles, fish, and of course some shots of his favorite whiskey.  Also, a ceremonial fire is lit and gold paper and "Hell money" are burned which function as payment of spiritual debts.  Despite it being a cloudy, spring day there was definitely a warm presence that I (and I'm sure others, too) could feel over us.