I finally reclaimed my old desk from my brother (who used it to put his TV on so he could play video games) and now have a table to do my art projects.  I dug up my art supplies which I haven't touched in over four years.  It's a bit sad how I boxed up my one true passion when I left for college.  I recently rediscovered my art portfolio from high school and it was fun reminiscing on all those late hours at night I spent drawing or painting.  Now that I have a lot of extra time I figure I better spend it doing something creative!  There are so many projects I want to do like this and this.  As you can see, I'm especially into making wall art right now to decorate the bare walls in my house.  Perhaps, I may even post some tutorials in the near future, if you're lucky. 

Credit: Panda framed print by Veronica De Arriba