Hello! It's been a while...it seems like I have become a master at becoming absent for extended periods of time. There's nobody to blame except me. Once again, life just got busy the past few months. As you can see I failed miserably on the 100 Happy Days. But now that (over) a hundred days have passed I can honestly say I am a lot happier than I was earlier this year. Sorry I just didn't capture the happy moments along the way. There are still days where I struggle to get out of bed, but the number of times have gotten far less. Baby steps. 

Since my last post, I finished my second year of pharmacy school. I am now halfway to being a doctor. Scary. Also, I am finally employed! I'm working at a local pharmacy. The job is very trying at times and a lot is expected out of  me, but I am learning a ton. It feels good to finally be doing work that will only help me become a better pharmacist. I'm starting to finally feel like a grown up. Next is to finally get a car, which if luck holds out I may be finally getting very very soon! 

My goal this summer is to do a 30 day challenge where I make a blog post everyday. Ideally, I would have started at the beginning of the month, but I'm not the most punctual person. I want to use the next 30 days to be more healthy, exercise, and do fun activities. There are some bad habits I'm really trying to quit. I love documenting my progress, because it shows me how near (or far) I am from my goals. You'll see what these goals are when I start beginning my posts. So here's to the next 30 days of change!