DAY 10

New York City, NY

I caught the train early in the morning from Baltimore to NYC, which was only a quick two hour ride away.  Once I got there, I met up with my friends Taryn and Cat who had both moved to the city literally that week.  The last time I was in NYC was actually a few years ago with Taryn when I visited her in Rhode Island and we took a day trip into the city.  We didn't have much time to explore then, so I was excited to be around for a couple of days this time.  We explored some of the major districts like SoHo, Canal Street, and Times Square for the majority of the day.  Ate Thai food for lunch and Serendipity for dinner. Mmm frozen hot chocolate and strawberry cheesecake sundae to die for.  Highlight of the night was seeing the musical Rent.  My inner Broadway freak was dying inside.  Love love love.

DAY 11

Spent the morning in Brooklyn where Taryn lives.  We ate breakfast at a cafe and then went to the Farmer's Market at Prospect Park.  I love how most of the buildings in the neighborhood are brownstones.  They have such a charming aesthetic to them.  Later we met up with Cat and tried to go to the Met, because it's the only major museum (in NYC) I haven't been to.  However, there was a Alexander McQueen exhibit that was closing that weekend and the line to get in was ridiculously long.  We decided to nix that idea and went to Central Park to rent bikes.  Best decision ever.  We only had the bikes for an hour so we decided to bike through the entire park as fast as possible.  It was amazing (and tiring), but I got to see every corner of the park.  Afterwards, we found the chicken & rice food truck and rewarded ourselves with a deliciously spicy meal.  At night, Taryn and I got tickets to see Avenue Q!  It was like Sesame Street for adults.  Lots of naughty humor.  I must have laughed for two hours straight!

DAY 12

My last day in New York.  Sad.  Stayed in Brooklyn all day and ate at some cute cafes and went thrift shopping.  Then it was time to leave.  It was so sad to say goodbye to my friends.  I am so grateful they could host me and had the time to show me around.  The plane ride back to Seattle was the worst because I couldn't believe my trip was finally over.