There has been a lot on my mind lately such as preparing for my cross Pacific move back to Seattle (again).  I'm not moving for another few months but there's still a lot to be done such as finding an apartment, applying to internships, getting my financial aid in order, etc.  Even though things have been a little stressful at the moment I've been trying to take a step back and savor my last months here at home.  The other day I was at the hospital shadowing some doctors on their rounds.  One of the patients we saw was a woman from China who had come to visit her friend after years of not seeing each other.  She had just arrived the day before when by some freak incident she suffered internal bleeding in her brain.  Her prognosis was determined to be very low and the doctor's were already setting to take her off life support.  She never even had a chance to see her friend.  I was there when her friend and family came to say their final goodbyes.  Her friend was sobbing uncontrollably and it nearly broke my heart.  It took every ounce of me not to cry in that moment.  It was my first time being in such a situation and probably not the last time I will see it in my profession.  It just reminded me that life is so fragile and to never take anything or anyone (especially friends and family) for granted.  This is something I will never forget.