It's amazing how things can happen so quickly and unexpectedly.  Today I received one of the best news I had in a while.  I got into my dream graduate school (coincidentally the same school I went to for my undergraduate).  I had been stressing out for months that I wasn't going to get in and would have to go to my only fallback school, which I wasn't too crazy about attending.  I'm so excited to be living in Seattle for at least another 4 years.  I didn't want to leave when I did and am so grateful to have a second chance.  If life weren't perfect already, my cousin is moving to San Francisco in the summer and she said I could rent out her studio apartment which is situated in the most perfect neighborhood and is close to campus.  What's even crazier is that my younger brother is going to be a freshman in college next year and he's leaning towards going to Seattle University and my older brother lives and works in Seattle too.  It would be cool if all three of us were living there the same time.

After this post, I was definitely looking for something to cheer me up and and I am amazed at how quickly it came.  Maybe rubbing the buddha really did bring some good luck.