In my attempt to start eating more healthy I have been obsessed with making fruit drinks.  Word on the street is that juicing is the new weight loss fad right now, or rather a way of detoxing your body.  I'm a bit apprehensive about being solely on a liquid diet, but the good thing is that with a blender, the possibilities are endless.  It's really a matter of if it will taste good.  I've always loved fruits, and since my fridge is usually stocked with them, I figure I'd start there.  My latest concoction has been combining organic blueberries, bananas, and greek yogurt.  I make it right when I wake up, which makes for such a refreshing start to my day.  It's a good supplement for breakfast, but I don't think I could keep doing it all day.  Next on the agenda is to be adventuresome and try some raw vegetables to blend.  We'll see how that goes.