The best thing about living in Hawaii is that you have a whole other world to discover right in your backyard.  My goal this summer is to go on as many hiking adventures as I can.  Over the weekend  Clay, Kelsey, and I decided to hike Manana Trail, which is deep in Pacific Palisades and promises two hikes in one!  A secret waterfall and a long ridge trail.  We started off early in the morning hoping to beat the midday sun, but it ended up being the lingering storm clouds we would have to avoid.  We ended up not making it to the waterfall, because the rain had made the ground slick and muddy and we had to navigate down a slippery hill (nicknamed Cardiac Hill because the tree roots resemble veins of the heart) to get to it.  We only made it halfway down before it began pouring and we had to turn back the other way.  Bummer.  The ridge trail was absolutely gorgeous though.  It was like being transported into Jurassic Park being surrounded by beautiful green trees, lush foliage, and rolling mountains.  I half expected a T-rex to be charging through the trees any moment!  It was such a nice secluded area, we definitely felt like we were the only ones out there for a while.  We didn't have time to finish the entire trail, so I'm definitely already planning to come back again!