from left to right: Pesto chicken pizza from California Pizza Kitchen. // Taiwanese shave ice with matcha green tea ice cream and tapioca from Coffee or Tea? // Spicy Ahi pokebowl from Pa'ina Cafe. // Tan Tan Ramen from Daiichi Noodles Cafe. // Lilikoi and guava shave ice from Keneke's. // Watermelon soju from Duck Butt Cafe

Let's face it, eating healthy during the summer really sucks.  Especially since I'm gonna miss all of my favorite restaurants when I'm away that I'm trying to eat out whenever I can.  Seriously, all my money goes towards food.  But I've been exercising consistently (running and lifting twice a week, hiking on weekends, and I'm starting to pick up tennis again) so I do deserve to indulge a little every now and then.  Okay, I've been eating a lot.  But hey, at least my stomach is happy.