Since it was a long weekend (today is King Kamehameha Day.  I love Hawaii state holidays...) why not go on another hike?  Yes!  My kind of fun.  This was an exhilarating one right off the Pali Lookout aka the windiest place on the island (speeds can reach 60+ mph).  Known as the Pali Puka Trail for the rock located at the end of the trail that has a large hole in it with a view that overlooks all of Honolulu.  It's like looking through the most picture perfect frame.  It's a short, sweet, and treacherous hike which demands rock climbing mere inches away from the mountain ledge.  Because it's so windy it feels like you could be swept off your feet at any second.  It was probably the most nerve racking hike I've been on.  Aly and I were so happy to make it to the end of the trail but that split second joy was short lived when we knew we would eventually have to go back down.  The mountain was so slippery because of the dirt and worn down rocks that it was hard to get a good grip.  We decided the best way was to slide down on our butts the entire way.  Probably not the best idea, but we eventually got down safely so I'd say the dirty butts in the end were well worth it.  We also saw some chickens in the parking lot as we were leaving.  I'll save you the chicken jokes for another day.  As for now, I'm just happy to be alive!