My younger brother finally graduated from high school!  His ceremony was way better, I admit, than mines five years earlier.  One thing is for sure, Punahou graduation is unlike any other graduation in the country.  For one, the traditional cap and gown is replaced by suits and muumuus and the ceremonial stage is adorned with aromatic plumeria flowers and ti leaves.  His class was very unique from what I could tell from the speeches I heard, with teachers and students referring to his class as a "potluck" or an "alien culture."  The highlight of the night was when the class broke out into an epic flash mob dance after the diploma handouts.  How they organized it, I have no idea, but I definitely didn't put it pass them after seeing this massive lip dub music video his class also did on school campus.  What a crazy class for sure.  Seeing the strong bond his classmates had made me a bit teary eye.  Oh how I wish I could go back to high school and relive all the wonderful memories and friendships I made.

Also here's a fun fact: My brother's dean of four years was also the dean of  President Barack Obama (seen below) and coincidentally, was my dean my freshman year.  He's retiring now after 43 years of teaching.  How cool is that connection?