By the hiking bug that is.  It is now something I crave to do once a week.  I guess because the gloom of me leaving in a few months is just on the horizon that I am trying to do and see as much as I can.  All my life I took for granted living in Hawaii.  As an wanderlusting (and somewhat sheltered) teen who wanted to see the world (heck, just getting across the Pacific Ocean was enough), it seemed so confining living on an island.  I finally got my wish when I moved to the mainland for college and I did do a lot of traveling (visited 3 different countries and took a cross country road trip).  Yet, the most exciting thing were those few weeks and summers I was able to go back home.  Now I've had the pleasure of moving back home for half the year before I start graduate school and it is only now I am discovering how much this little island has to offer.  I guess you don't realize what you're missing until it's gone.  I really hope this summer is filled with a lot of new adventures and discoveries, because time is running out quick! 

(This weekend's hike was the Makapu'u Tom Tom trail.  It's a hike that I had wanted to do since I read about it on Unreal Hawaii.  Check that off my bucket list!)