A few days ago I had a sort of major family emergency that shook me pretty bad.  For the few hours I was in the emergency room waiting I was a nervous wreck.  Thankfully, everything ended up being alright in the end, but I know this medical scare is just the first of possibly more to come.  Even more now, I am questioning whether it's right for me to leave.  Life becomes so precious and fragile as you get older that you just want to spend your time being close to the people you care about.  I really took my family for granted growing up and while I was never particularly close to my extended family, this person has always been there for me as constant support.  I'm scared that if I go away I will have to say my final goodbyes which I'm not prepared to do yet.  I'm being really morbid here and I really hope I'm just over thinking everything and things will go back to being normal, but a part of me knows that something is terribly wrong.  I know that everything (good and bad) comes to an end eventually.  That's just the path of life and we can't change that.   We can, however, choose how we walk that path.