After a week of on and off rain showers, the sun finally came out of hiding and brought some clear, blue skies.  I had some friends visiting from out of town so it was perfect timing to show them a little bit of the island.  The North Shore up country is one of my favorite places to visit.  I would go more often if the drive wasn't so long.  We went to one of my favorite beaches Waimea, where there is a famous 20-something foot rock.  Many people do heart-dropping, dare devil flips off the ledge into the ocean.  That day it was low tide so it was perfect for some rock jumping.  Come winter though, the swells can reach up to some terrifying heights.  This time I only jumped off only once, but one of my friends jumped off a total of 12 times!  Even though I've jumped off many times before it's still scary every single time.  The water seems a million miles away when you're standing on top.  But sometimes you just got to face your fears and take that leap of faith because that rush of feeling you get is euphoric and always leaves you wanting more.  To top off the day we quenched our thirst with some delicious Matsumoto shave ice.  Best post beach treat ever.