If you're from Washington or ever visited, it is very likely you have seen numerous glass sculptures in various settings.  Or if you ever been to Las Vegas and walked into the Bellagio, the ornate glass flower ceiling is the first thing to catch your eye.  Dale Chihuly, is the genius behind these amazing glass art pieces.  This man is simply an architect of the glass medium.  The exhibit was incredible, taking you through numerous installations that were based upon varying themes of sea life, forests, and chandeliers.  My favorite was the glasshouse and garden where Chihuly created an outdoor botanical garden out of glass.  It was like stepping into a magical realm of colorful flora.  I heard the exhibit is semi-permanent as it will run for at least another year.  I HIGHLY recommend seeing this exhibit.  You will be blown away by the sheer extraordinariness of each piece.  On a side note, apparently Chihuly is a frequent visitor to his own exhibit and loves to talk to visitors about his art work.  Super cool!