All during my undergraduate years, I never once considered going up the Space Needle.  You know that satellite looking building jetting out of the middle of the city and made famous by Grey's Anatomy.  I never really saw the appeal nor did I want to pay the pricy fee (hey, poor college student here!).  But, when we were buying tickets to see the Chihuly Glass & Garden exhibit which is at the base of the Space Needle there was a combo offer to also get a ride up to the top.  Since I was with my mom, we decided to take the plunge and buy the tickets.  It actually turned out to be a great idea as it was just before sunrise when we rode up the elevator.  The Puget Sound especially looked gorgeous against the the mountain backdrop.  Once the sun went down and the lights went on, Seattle looked like a whole different city.  This seemed to also be the popular choice of time when couples flock to the Seattle Needle.  There's a restaurant at the top, which is probably why.  A romantic dinner with a 360 degree city view?  My heart would swoon too.