Today was Prince Kuhio Day, which is a Hawaii state holiday. Mel, Aly, and Claire all had work off so we decided to go hiking in the morning. We went in search for the Rock Bridge at Hanauma Bay, which is a narrow rock ledge near the ocean. After a very confusing start we were able to find the trail and eventually made it down to the cliff side. The bridge was actually smaller than expected. The current was pretty strong so we decided not to chance standing on the bridge as huge waves crashed behind our backs. The sun was relentless that day, so we were dripping in sweat by the time we were done. Afterwards we went to Koko Marina and enjoyed some Bubbie's ice cream and Pa'ina Cafe poke bowls (again!). 

It was a great day spent with just my girl friends. It was a nice just chatting about girl stuff I spend so much of my time around guys in Seattle, I miss that girl connection. As I've been getting older, I'm really started to cherish the friendships I have. It's so hard for me to find people that I connect with now that it's the people I've known the longest I want to hold on too as much as I can.