Today was all about food. I went to lunch with Shane, Mel, and my parents at the Pig & the Lady which has been on my To Eat list for a while. I've only heard rave reviews about the place. I got a creamy horchata to drink and pho french dip banh mi to eat. It was incredible, but I was so full afterwards. It was nice to have my close friends eat with my family. My dad was complaining about the service and food the entire time, which was pretty funny and so very typical. Afterwards Shane, Mel and I went to Ala Moana to shop around a bit. I found a lot of stores I need to go back to before I leave. Later that night I met up with Kelsey, Shane and Jin and some of Jin's friends at Side Street Inn. I had barely seen Kelsey all break, so it was good to catch up. Afterwards we wanted to get dessert but Shokudo was too crowded, so sadly no honey toast. We went to Bambu instead and I got a taro coconut smoothie. It was really good! I think I would have enjoyed it more if I wasn't so stuffed from eating all day though. They also had these fruit dessert cups that I want to try another time. All in all my stomach was very content at the end of the day.