Easter Sunday has become just another normal day for me.  I grew up going to church and even went to a Christian elementary school where I had to memorize Bible verses every week, but I stopped practicing once I hit high school.  I would say I'm an agnostic atheist at this point.  I do believe there is a higher being/spirit/divine nature out there, I just don't think its God.  I guess you could say I'm non-comittal.  It's kind of a joke of what Easter has become to be known as in today's culture, a day revolved around egg hunts and devouring chocolate bunnies (although I was totally into that when I was a kid).  My family just spent the day doing our normal routine.  We did some cleaning, my dad cooked ramen and dumplings for lunch, and then we went to visit my grandma.  The one tradition we do keep for Easter though is buying white lilies, which we take to my grandparents (on my mom's side) graves.