It was my best friend's birthday today! Mel has been my closest friend since the ninth grade. Although we rarely see each other now because we live so far apart, when we are together it's like we've never been apart. For her 25th birthday, here are 25 tidbits about our friendship.

1) We met freshman year of high school when we both did cross country. I called her Melanie for the first few weeks of me knowing her.

2) We both share an obsession for reality TV shows such as Amazing Race, Top Chef, Survivor, etc.

3) Last fall she came to visit me in Seattle and we had a lot of cuddle sessions in my tiny twin size bed.

4) In high school, we used to go to the elementary school playground after school and challenge the little kids to a tether ball game. We were ruthless.

5) She's the only person I can talk on the phone with for an extended period of time. I have phone-phobia and usually hate talking for more than 5 minutes on the phone.

6) We used to always take songs like Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" and make up our own versions of the lyrics. It literally made no sense at all, but always cracked us up.

7) One of my favorite memories was of us going to Disneyland our junior year going on all the rides together. We made the long time waiting in line pass by playing stupid games. We love Disneyland so much we went again for her birthday last year!

8) I love how Mel is never afraid to be herself. She sings out loud, she farts, she falls asleep at the most random times, and she weird (in the best way!). One of her favorite topics is talking about poop.

9) She's the best wing woman!  She's constantly trying to help me find that perfect one! Not all have been good for me, but I do appreciate the help. I remember one time at Ice Palace when we were 16, she went up to some random guy I thought was cute and asked him for his number for me because I was too shy. It's also good to know we have similar taste in guys.

10) She's the smartest, hottest and most kickass nurse I know!

11) One of our goals is to go on the Amazing Race together. We've always talked about our angle to get on the show. Since Asian girls and medical students has already been done, our mo say that we're hot lesbian lovers/BFFs.

12) She's the slowest eater I know, but it's because she's always talking. If we're ever going to be on the Amazing Race I'll have to do all the eating challenges.

13) One time we went hiking and saw one of those speed meters on the side of the road. We decided to run past it (a la The Office) to see how speedy we were. It was so funny and cars were driving by probably thinking we were idiots.

14) We used to play Neopets seriously in high school. We would go to the Yearbook room after school was over and play for hours. We were so nerdy.

15) When we were Seniors in high school, we both forced two Junior guy friends to take us to Junior Function, which is a formal. It was funny because both of our guy friends hooked up with these two other girls that they liked that night while Mel and I were off having our own fun.

16) Mel's nickname for me is Titty or TT and my nickname for her is Melk.

17) She love children and wants to adopt a child of every ethnicity. We also plan to have our children at the same time so that they are best friends too.

18) She used to work at a gelato store and always gave me free dessert when I came to visit. :)

19) We both did color guard together and hated it. We only had fun because we did it with each other and we got to perform in the Rose Bowl in California.

20) We LOVE hiking! Even though Mel is sometimes afraid of heights, she's always a trooper.

21) We're both the Chinese sisters we never had.

22) We never get mad at each other. I can't even think of one time we had an argument with each other.

23) We both prefer dogs over cats. Duhh.

24) Whenever I come home to visit, she always makes time to hang out with me. We've hung out at least four times and I've only been back for a week.